Bud Run, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was formed to facilitate helping those in need. We are 100% staffed by volunteers and principally sponsored by Pepin Distributing Company, which provides financial and other resource support.

All additional funds are raised vie corporate sponsors and individual donations. Corporate donations are provided as cash, facilities, or merchandise to be auctioned or sold. Individual donations come in the form of cash, registration fees, or raffle ticket and merchandise sales.

Our annual event centers around the motorcycle community; however, you do not have to be a rider to participate. Everyone is welcomed to attend the event at the last stop of the run to share in the festivities and enjoy the great sense of community that exists between the generous donors.

We are trying to grow as an organization and need your help in doing so. We are only able to help one child a year and we would like to help with more. With your donation it will make it possible to help multiple children.

We try to help the families that do not have insurance nor benefits. We also pay out 90% or our earnings to the family, and the families are at the event to encourage the donations and for you to see the child you are helping that’s in need. Every child needs a chance in life.

Hopefully we can form a partnership that will last a life time. We are going to carry on this event for many years to come.